Become a Wedding Planner

Planning your wedding is exciting, naturally, but it can be so much more… you are gaining experience that you can put to good use in a career as a wedding planner!

  • You are forming relationships with various wedding vendors that can become working relationships in the future
  • You are learning to create checklists and coordinate all the little details
  • You are become quite good at invitation wording
  • You are keeping up on the latest wedding trends
  • You are learning to come up with split-second solutions to the unexpected

As the founder and creative director of Sandcastles, I spent over ten years as one of Toronto’s foremost wedding planners. So many of my brides were wistful after all the wedding planning was over, and they realized how much they had enjoyed the entire process.

Through Sandcastles, I developed a certification course to help them train at home in their spare time to become professional wedding planners, using the experience the gained while planning their own weddings! Now, I am proud to offer the Sandcastles Wedding Planner Certification Programme through Proverbs 31 Lifestyles!

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