Leather & Lace

As an avid motorcyclist, Dave is pleased to offer couples his “Leather and Lace” ceremony, in which he will arrive on his bike to marry you on yours!

He is currently planning a Leather and Lace event for Friday, August 13, 2021 in Port Dover, Ontario. You do not need to be a resident of Ontario, but you must have a valid Ontario marriage license. You can obtain a license at any municipal office in Ontario, with the proper identification. See  Ontario Marriage Legalities  for more details. Two witnesses are necessary, but if you have ever been to Port Dover on Friday the 13th you know that there will be no shortage of volunteers!

You needn’t wait until then to have your Leather and Lace wedding, Dave is available on the date and location of your choice. The package includes: 

  • email/telephone communication
  • you can write your own vows
  • filing completed and signed paperwork with the government offices after the wedding

The cost for your Leather and Lace wedding is only $250

Contact Dave today to book!