Sandcastles can help your dreams of a wedding in Paris come true!

We love this romantic city as much as you do, and we would be delighted to put our knowledge of all things Parisian to work for you.

There is a more complex process involved, and we’d be happy to help you navigate the legalities.  For example, under the French legal system it is not possible to be married at the Eiffel Tower, but we can also help you get around some of the requirements and still realize your dream!

Our Paris package includes:

  • selection of symbolic ceremony location (you must be legally married at the City Hall beforehand)
  • ceremony preparation
  • selection of reception location
  • selection of florist, photographer, baker
  • selection of accommodation for the wedding party and guests.
  • our personal presence in Paris, starting the day before your wedding, and ending the day after


PLEASE NOTE that this price of this package is our planning fee only, does not include the fees, rates, and costs incurred through venues, hotels, and vendors. We are responsible for our own travel and accommodation.