My brother wants to marry us but he is not ordained. Can you witness what he does and sign the paperwork afterwards? That’s what friends of ours did…

No, that isn’t possible, and it’s highly likely your friends are not legally married. However, there are other meaningful ways your brother can be part of your special day, such as taking part in readings, or even presenting you as a married couple.

We could also meet quietly before the wedding to do a quick ceremony that will marry you legally, leaving your brother free to perform a second “ceremony.”

How can you justify charging so much for only a 30 minute ceremony?

As with many things, you get what you pay for. I generally spend 10-12 hours communicating with a couple (occasionally in person but usually by email/phone/chat), preparing and customizing the ceremony, delivering the ceremony, completing the legal paperwork, and mailing it to the government offices in Thunder Bay. The ceremony  reflects the couple and their relationship, and includes any special readings, rituals, and elements that they would like included. Since I am also a wedding planner, I am experienced in calming and coaching nervous couples through their ceremony.

Most importantly, don’t forget: the officiant is the least expensive person you will hire, and the only one who is absolutely necessary! Without your officiant, you’re just throwing a party!

Can we look at photos and videos of you performing ceremonies for other couples?

Photographers and videographers give these only to the couple they are working for, but you can see candid shots of some of our ceremonies here. However, all you will see is someone else standing at the altar, which I doubt will be helpful to you.

What will you wear to officiate our wedding?

For non-religious ceremonies Shari will wear street clothes, a dress or skirt and blouse. For religious weddings she will wear her clergical collar. She also has an ivory robe that you might prefer if the wedding is very formal. Dave will wear a suit, or a shirt and tie for an informal wedding.

How much deposit do you require, and when is it due?


Your wedding date and time will be reserved upon receipt of a $100 deposit. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Until the deposit is made, we are unable to work on your behalf (ceremony wording, etc) and the date will be available to other couples. Email transfers can be sent to sandcastlesweddings@gmail.comUpon receipt of the deposit, we will email you an information form to fill out and return to us as well as some sample ceremony wordings (you are also free to search the internet for ceremonies). In addition, we will be available to you by unlimited email and at least one telephone/in-person meeting, if desired.The balance of the ceremony charges, plus the rehearsal and travel charge (if applicable) will be due 3 (three) days before the wedding. Email transfers can be sent to sandcastlesweddings@gmail.com


We require a deposit of 50%, after which the date will be reserved for you. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. The balance due 10 days before the wedding. Hourly consultation fees are paid at the time of booking.