Wedding Officiants


At Sandcastles, we believe nothing is less romantic than paying tax, that is why everything is included in the fees you see on our site!

The perfect wedding begins with the ceremony! With Sandcastles you can choose from religious, inter-denominational, non-denominational and non-religious ceremonies, male or female officiant. You can even write your own vows!

We’ve all heard of officiants who charge couples a late fee if the wedding doesn’t start on time, or who will leave after a half-hour delay. Things happen, and weddings are no exception. In fact, a major accident closed roads leading to a wedding we had last summer. You don’t have this worry with us — it is our policy to officiate at only one wedding per day, thereby allowing us to give you our undivided attention and unlimited time.

As a rule, your venue coordinator will handle your rehearsal. If you should need us to be involved, or if you are using a venue without a coordinator, we suggest booking the rehearsal at the same time as the wedding to ensure availability. for a simpler wedding a rehearsal might not be necessary. We would be happy to arrive early for the wedding for a quick run-though with you and your wedding party (at no cost.)

  • Our regular officiating fee is $500, but for a limited time only we will officiate for only $400 (new bookings only.) We will customize traditional or contemporary ceremonies to make your wedding a unique expression of your love! This also includes unlimited email/telephone communication
  • $200 rehearsal, subject to availability
  • We DO NOT provide the witnesses

Vow Renewals

Any time is a good time to renew your wedding vows! Long or short ceremonies, including the whole family!

  • $350 ceremony (includes customizing traditional or contemporary ceremonies to make your wedding vow renewal a unique expression of your love!)
  • $200 rehearsal, subject to availability

Commitment Ceremony

Commitment ceremonies are popular for those who are unable to marry legally in Ontario (perhaps the divorce papers have been delayed)

  • $350 ceremony (includes customizing traditional or contemporary wording to make your commitment ceremony a one-of-a-kind expression of your love!)
  • $200 rehearsal, subject to availability
  • $100 “make it legal” when you are able to get the marriage license, if we have performed your commitment ceremony

Leather and Lace

As an avid motorcyclist, Dave is pleased to offer his “Leather and Lace” ceremony, in which he will arrive on his bike to marry you on yours!  Dave is available on the date and location of your choice. The package includes: 

  • email/telephone communication
  • you can write your own vows
  • filing completed and signed paperwork with the government offices after the wedding

The cost for your Leather and Lace wedding is only $350 (sorry, rehearsals are not possible)…Contact Dave today to book!


Traditionally, an elopement was a secret wedding without the knowledge of friends and family. Today, it can also be a small wedding with no reception afterwards, just dinner at a restaurant to celebrate.

Shari is available by appointment to marry you on weekdays, or you can feel free to book Dave or Shari at the time and location of your choice. We have a small chapel in our home that is available for the two you and up to six guests. Please note that we DO NOT provide the witnesses.

  •  $350


Your wedding date and time will be reserved upon receipt of a 50% deposit. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Until the deposit is made, we are unable to work on ceremony customization, etc., and the date will be available to other couples. Email transfers can be sent to

Upon receipt of the deposit, we will be available to you by unlimited email and at least one telephone/in-person meeting, if desired.

The balance will be due three (3) days before the wedding. Email transfers can be sent to

Upon making a deposit for a commitment ceremony, you acknowledge that it is not a wedding ceremony, and that there will be no wording that implies otherwise.

Click here to read more about Ontario Marriage Legalities

You tie the knot, we’ll take care of the loose ends! Contact us today to find out more!