A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Laces

There are so many different lace patterns, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect one for your wedding gown! Here are a few of the most popular:

Battenberg: A heavier lace with the feeling of a Renaissance fabric

Battenberg Lace

Brussels: Raised lace resembling a flower; very delicate with subtle patterns; also called “daisy lace”

Brussels Lace

Alencon: A design of leaves and rose clusters on a net background, often with an “eyelash” edge

Alencon Lace

Chantilly: Similar to Alencon lace, but without the net; very expensive

Chantilly Lace

Lyon: A fine lace of floral patterns

Lyon Lace

Cluny: A lace of fine linen thread, featuring wheel or wheat designs

Cluny Lace

Venise: A roseleaf pattern featuring heavy stitching and a three-dimensional effect

Venise Lace

Schiffli: A machine-made lace of a cotton/polyester blend

Schiffli Lace

Guipure: Lace with a bold pattern and few connective stitches

Guipure Lace



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