Wedding Gifts: When is it Okay to Ask for Cash?

Emily Post is rolling in her grave. There appears to be a new practice of sending cute poems to wedding guests, ASKING FOR CASH IN LIEU OF WEDDING GIFTS. Make no mistake: these poems (or any other requests) are not cute… they’re rude. And it seems to be spreading. A bride-to-be who is now claimingContinue reading “Wedding Gifts: When is it Okay to Ask for Cash?”

Honour Your Celtic Roots with a Hand-fasting

Hand-fasting is an ancient Celtic marriage tradition, from which we get the expression TYING THE KNOT. As Celtic culture spread from Ireland and Scotland through Britain and into western Europe, hand-fasting evolved to the point that it was incorporated into the religious marriage ceremonies. In some remote areas, hand-fasting became a form of temporary marriage until itContinue reading “Honour Your Celtic Roots with a Hand-fasting”

A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Laces

There are so many different lace patterns, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect one for your wedding gown! Here are a few of the most popular: Battenberg: A heavier lace with the feeling of a Renaissance fabric Brussels: Raised lace resembling a flower; very delicate with subtle patterns; also called “daisy lace” Alencon:Continue reading “A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Laces”

What is Your Bridal Personality?

Before you can plan your perfect wedding, you must determine your personal style. It will shine through everywhere on your wedding day, so don’t try to be someone you’re not. Traditional: You like timeless looks and understated elegance. When planning your wedding, you will follow the etiquette books to the letter. Romantic: You want yourContinue reading “What is Your Bridal Personality?”